Talent Acquisition

Recruiting talent is paramount to every successful business. The recruitment landscape is in a constant state of flux due to evolving technologies. There are more choices for companies in terms of their sourcing and recruitment practices than ever before. Not every method is right for every company, position or geographical area. HRintuitive can help you develop a strategy that will efficiently meet your organization’s needs.

Strategic Sourcing/Recruitment: 

  • Develop Needs Analysis based on department requirements, current staffing levels and corporate business strategy.
  • Create search assignments with job descriptions based on job duties and business requirements.
  • Develop appropriate sourcing strategy based on business needs, job requirements and budgets.

Vendor /Relationship Management:

  • Create and manage relationships with outside recruiters and agencies.
  • Review client engagement documents.
  • Create and manage relationships with colleges and professional organizations to attract industry specific talent, alumni, and diversity candidates.
  • Gather feedback across departments and locations regarding vendor performance and outstanding issues that need to be addressed.
  • Develop, review and report performance benchmarks.

Technology /Process Management:

  • Strategy development to leverage ATS and manage processes to maximize systems and technology engaged in the recruitment process.
  • Develop recruitment strategy utilizing job boards and social media sites to effectively and efficiently attract and recruit talent.