As the recruitment arm for many organizations, your area of expertise must extend beyond the sourcing of candidates into the area of screening and selection. HRintuitive has the knowledge and resources to support agencies and RPOs in managing this complicated process. Whether it is  support for one client or for your organization as a whole, we have the expertise, experience and resources to assist.

Drive Compliance Objectives in the Organization:

  •  Review information being reported by vendor (CRA) to determine compliance with state and federal laws.*
  • Review usage of information by client to determine compliance with state laws and the FCRA.*
  •  Review that information is being used in accordance with EEOC and ADA guidelines.*
  • Evaluate international needs. Balance need for uniformity across locations with the availability and reliability of information globally.
  •  Design compliance/audit processes that scale with the organization’s volume and projected growth.
  •  Build Cross-Functional partnerships- work with legal, employee relations and other departments to achieve compliance objectives, develop partnerships with HR Managers and Business Partners across locations to achieve objectives

Cost- Benefit Review/Analysis:

  • Review services being ordered with the job description. Evaluate job relativity to the information being obtained and make appropriate recommendations.
  •  Evaluate any gaps in services being ordered either by job description or location.
  • Develop and evaluate Key Performance Indicators to measure benefits of the program.
  • Evaluate pricing in an effort to balance cost with value, determine areas where there is duplicity or where there is room to achieve efficiencies.

Vendor Management:

  • Establish KPI for vendors.
  •  Review SLA and determine whether service is meeting the criteria.
  •  Resolve ongoing/recurring issues.
  • Obtain feedback across locations regarding vendor performance/outstanding issues.
  • Evaluate vendor performance.

Adjudication Criteria/Support:

  • Create standards by which all candidates will be measured for use in conjunction with EEOC guidelines and applicable state and federal laws.
  • Provide phone support and/or in person meetings to assist in ensuring compliance and uniformity of practices.
  • Provide documentation of adjudication criteria in relation to job relativity for job descriptions.

Social Media Screening:

  •  Evaluate need/Develop policy for screening social media.
  •  Work with HR Managers and Business Partners to ensure effective communication of and compliance with policy.
  •  Present industry options for screening social media

International Screening:

  • Ensure maximum uniformity of screening practices across locations considering limitations and restrictions enacted by various countries.
  •   Research and report information availability by country, province or municipality.
  •  Determine appropriate sourcing for international information.
  •  Research and advise on restrictions and legality of use of information for employees located and working abroad.
  •  Ensure compliance with data privacy rules while screening employees.
  •  Ensure compliance with applicable international employment laws.

Data Privacy:

  •  Ensure that confidential information is being obtained, transmitted and stored in a secure environment.
  •  Ensure that any information being sent offshore is disclosed in compliance with applicable laws